About Us

ISO 9001:2008 Certified with wire EDM and CNC machining centers, assuring a high degree of part repeatability, accuracy and time savings.


Unique Tool and Manufacturing is a tooling design and stamping company founded in 1963 located in Bedford Township in Temperance, Michigan. We are custom metal fabricators manufacturing metal stampings for a variety of industries in our 118,000 sq. ft. facility. We have a long reputation as tool and die makers of the highest quality providing stampings, competitive pricing and innovative engineering in the stamping industry.

Unique Tool and Manufacturing, one of the most efficient metal stamping companies available, has presses ranging from 35 to 1400 tons, giving us the versatility to be cost competitive whether running single operation, progressive dies, transfer systems, flat or deep drawn parts. Our presses handle metal thickness from .010 to .375 depending on the part application. We welcome all grades of materials from traditional cold rolled and hot rolled steels to galvanized, aluminum, and brass as well as others.

We are prepared to supply you with quality stampings and assemblies that will provide you with reliable products that are demanded in today’s market.

Our ability to work closely together with our clients has allowed us a better understanding of our clients goals. Call us at 734-850-1050 we're here to help.