Customized Assembly Solutions

Cellular Manufacturing and workcells are at the heart of Lean Manufacturing. Their benefits are many and varied. They increase productivity and quality. Cells simplify material flow, management and even accounting systems.

Cellular Manufacturing seems simple. But beneath this deceptive simplicity are sophisticated Socio-Technical Systems. Proper functioning depends on subtle interactions of people and equipment. Each element must fit with the others in a smoothly functioning, self-regulating and self-improving operation.

Cellular layouts organize departments around a product or a narrow range of similar products. Materials sit in an initial queue when they enter the department.

Once processing begins, they move directly from process to process (or sit in mini-queues). The result is very fast throughput. Communication is easy since every operator is close to the others. This improves quality and coordination. Proximity and a common mission enhance teamwork.

Simplicity is an underlying theme throughout cellular design. Scheduling, supervision and many other elements also reflect this underlying simplicity.

We maintain cellular manufacturing for all our sheet metal fabrication and assembly jobs throughout our plant and we will do it for your job too. Call us; we have solutions.