Metal Stamping Services

A variety of secondary services are provided in addition to our custom metal stampings including: metal prototyping, spot welding, robotic arc welding, brazing, plating, painting, heat treating, parts washing, de-burring, sub-assembly, final assembly and packaging. All of which are offered at a competitive price.

Unique Tool and Manufacturing, a custom metal stamping manufacturer, has continued to concentrate on the elimination of certain secondary operations in order to help pass on cost savings to our clients. This includes transforming the use of spot welding nuts and studs and incorporating them into our tooling using in-die tapping and self piercing pierceform studs and nuts. When volumes can be justified, we seek to eliminate multiple operations by turning current tooling into progressive dies. We also make cost savings suggestions during the metal stamping process, helping to standardize parts with similar applications to be produced on the same tooling thus creating a faster order turn-around and lower costs to our clients.

Our ability to work hand-in-hand with our clients has allowed us a better understanding of our client’s goals.