Tool and Die Engineering

We are entirely computerized for CAD/CAM design both for tooling and part development. Our hardware/software equipment allows Unique Tool and Manufacturing, a tool and die maker, to rapidly design parts using auto dimensioning, sheet metal unfolding and forming development from printed requirements. Our engineering designs and experienced tool makers optimize strip layouts and use progressive dies to minimize material waste. With assembly design, we can produce gages and fixtures to insure quality products.

Unique Tool and Manufacturing generates wire EDM and CNC code directly from tool and die design. Once optimized for production, dies are created by computer-controlled machinery, thereby lowering costs and increasing accuracy and efficiency.

With wire EDM and CNC machine centers, our equipment helps to eliminate material handling and human error while assuring a high degree of part repeatability, accuracy, and time savings.

Our CAD/CAM department will work directly with yours to improve part design and production efficiency. With the increased need for faster communication, we encourage our client’s to use the internet as a means of transferring prints and documents.